Breaking The Ads





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Endorphin Agency, in collaboration with UNFPA Azerbaijan, proudly presents "Breaking The Ads," an empowering campaign aimed at challenging gender stereotypes in advertising. This innovative initiative involves the creation of three fictional brands that challenge traditional gender roles and expectations.

Parıltı: The Dishwashing Revolution:

Parıltı, a fictional dishwashing detergent brand, defies stereotypes by featuring men as the primary caregivers in the kitchen. This thought-provoking campaign aims to break the perception that only women should handle household chores.

Kəndsayağı: Redefining Culinary Mastery:

Kəndsayağı, an imaginary cooking oil brand, showcases men as exceptional cooks, challenging the notion that only women should be responsible for meal preparation. By spotlighting male culinary skills, we aim to inspire inclusivity in the kitchen and challenge outdated stereotypes.

Layla: Rethinking Parental Responsibilities:

Layla, an innovative baby diaper brand, portrays men as nurturing fathers who actively participate in caring for their children. By presenting a more balanced and realistic representation of parenting, this campaign seeks to encourage shared responsibilities and promote gender equality in child-rearing.

Our creative process involved extensive research, brainstorming, and collaboration with experts in gender studies. We aimed to develop ads that would captivate audiences, spark conversations, and drive positive change. By challenging gender norms through these imaginative brands, we hope to promote a more inclusive society where everyone's capabilities and contributions are valued.

Join us in our mission to break down stereotypes, empower individuals, and transform the advertising industry. Together, we can create a future where gender equality is celebrated and respected.